self loading mixer

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

self loading concrete mixer
self loading concrete mixer

Self loading concrete mixer truck, a new type of engineering equipment, is specially designed according to machinery requirements which can be widely used in concrete construction fields. Since launched on the market successfully, it has won customers’ unanimous praise with its unique function. It solves the transportation problem of the commercial concrete from the preparation site to the construction spot, thus it becomes the ideal transportation tool for commercial concrete. What’s more, the self loading cement mixer has integrated batching, weighing, feeding, mixing and delivering together. Besides, it has adopted centralized lubrication system, which can ensure lubrication quality and reduce failure rates.

Unlike other self loading concrete mixer truck manufacturers, Aimix Group can offer whole service for our products. With longer warranty period, the customers can use them with safety. Because of these considerate service, our self loading concrete mixers have been sold all over the world, covering more than 30 countries, including Zambia, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan, Philippines etc. Recently our machine has been delivered to Tanzania. You can get more details in the following introduction.

Exporting Self loading Concrete Mixer Truck to Tanzania

Aimix transported self loading mixing concrete truck to Tanzania successfully in April, 2018. Before making decision on purchasing one from Aimix, he was anxious about whether to balance the price and quality. Having received quotations from different self loading concrete mixer suppliers, he has compared the obvious differences among them. Finally, he found that the self loading concrete mixer price actually matches its quality.

When communicating with him, we have introduced our superiority and explained why our products can occupy large market. The customer was so satisfied with our top quality machine that he decided to buy our self loading transit mixer. During manufacturing process, the customers have come to China to visit the manufacturing process. Besides, he has visited our large factory and official building. He has thought highly of us. Aimix Group, a professional and reliable team, is deserved to be trusted. Maybe you also wanna have a good knowledge of how premium Aimix product is. Please glance over the introduction below.

Self loading Concrete Mixer Truck Was delivered to Tanzania
Self loading Concrete Mixer Truck Was delivered to Tanzania

Models of Selfloading Concrete Mixers

There are several models of self loading mixer for sale in Aimix Group, which consists of AI1200, AI1800, AI2600 AI3200 and AI4000. The capacity of self loading concrete mixers includes 1.2 m3, 2.0m3, 3.5m3 and 4m3. Apart from that, we can also manufacture self loading concrete mixers with special capacity – 1.5m3. All of them can satisfy the construction requirements. Therefore, If there is a need for customizing any part of mixer, we will try our best to design it to reach the customers’ standards.

1.2 m3 self loading concrete mixer
1.2 m3 self loading concrete mixer

Model: AI1200

Drum geometrical capacity: 1700L

Discharge Capacity: 1200L

Gear: 4 forward 4 back

Drum rotate: 270º

Rated Power: 55kw

1.8 m³ self loading mixer
1.8 m³ self loading mixer

Model: AI1800

Drum geometrical capacity: 2680L

Discharge Capacity: 1800L

Gear: 4 forward 4 back

Drum rotate: 270º

Rated Power: 78kw

2.6 m³ self loading mixer
2.6 m³ self loading mixer

Model: AI2600

Drum geometrical capacity: 3580L

Discharge Capacity: 2600L

Gear: 4 forward 4 back

Drum rotate: 270º

Rated Power: 78kw

3.2 m³ self loading mixer
3.2 m³ self loading mixer

Model: AI3200

Drum geometrical capacity: 3580L

Discharge Capacity: 3200L

Gear: 4 forward 4 back

Drum rotate: 270º

Rated Power: 85kw

4.0 m³ self loading mixer
4.0 m³ self loading mixer

Model: AI4000

Drum geometrical capacity: 6000L

Discharge Capacity: 4000L

Gear: 4 forward 4 back

Drum rotate: 290º

Rated Power: 85kw

Parts of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck for Sale

1. Driving cab. It is an intelligent machine. All of working processes, including weighing, feeding, discharging and water supplying processes, can be controlled through buttons. There is weighing screen in the cab, which can monitor and control weighing accuracy.

2. Feeding hopper. The feeding hopper is specially designed with large volume, which can ensure high working efficiency. Besides, it is equipped with a blade in the shovel in order to cut cement bag immediately and automatically to spreading material.

3. Water tank. The function of water tank is to supply for concrete mixing and mixer drum cleaning. What’s more, water tank has induced draft fan, which can guarantee heat dissipation.

4. Mixing drum. It can rotate at 270 degrees. It will keep rotating with clockwise direction when feeding and reversely rolling when discharging. Thus, the operator can control all actions through handle in cab. Besides, equipped with ROPS-FOP system can avoid emergency risks.

5. Wheel. The self loading concrete mixer has four wheels which are equipped with steel wire engineering tires with good wear-resisting performance.

Driving cab
Driving cab
Feeding hopper
Feeding hopper
Mixing drum
Mixing drum

Advantages of Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale

1. The self loading mixer can rotate 270 degrees with high flexibility, which can make concrete feeding and discharging conveniently.  Besides, the operating handle can control the rotating of concrete mixer drum.

2. The self loading concrete mixer machine has reasonable layout and compact structure, which covers smaller space.

3.Its weight is so light that the barycenter of self loading mixer is lower, which can ensure running smoothly.

4. Leading design of the self loading and mixing system makes the machine easier to operate and maintain.

5. It is a perfect combination of concrete mixer truck, loader and transporting car.

6. Efficient output, saving time, labor and cost.

7. Special design of feeding hopper can ensure no material leakage.

8. The bonnet of motor engine is made of FRP, which has good heat dissipation and lower noise.

Specifications of Self Loading Mixer Truck

Equipment Model AI1200 AI1800 AI2600 AI3200AI AI4000
Drum geometrical capacity 1700L 2680L 3580L 3580L 6000L
Discharge Capacity 1200L 1800L 2600L 3200L 4000L
Engine Model Quanchai 4B2-75m22 Yuchai 4102 YCD4102Z YCD4105 YCD4J22G
Rated Power 55kw 78kw 78kw 85kw 85kw
Gear box model ZL-265 ZL-265 ZL-280 power shift transmission ZL-280 power shift transmission ZL-280 power shift transmission
Gear 4 forward 4 back 4 forward 4 back 4 forward 4 back 4 forward 4 back 4 forward 4 back
Fuel tank 63L 63L 75L 75L 230L
Total hydraulic system capacity 63 liters 63 liters 75 liters 75 liters 170 liters
Oil tank 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters
Reducer KY07-2-0 HJ80-43 HJ80-43 HJ80-43 KY07-5-J
Hydraulic Pump FC50/40 FC50/40 CBG9 2050/2032 Parker pump Parker pump
Hydraulic Motor BM5-160 BM5-160 BM5-160 HAA2FM56/61W-VTD527 HAA2FM56/61W-VTD527
Water tank 400L 400L 500L 620L 660L
Water supply Time relay Time relay Time relay Time relay Time relay
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 6400*2550*2450 7300*2600*2750 7800*2720*3000 7800*2720*3300 7500*2850*3600
Wheelbase (mm) 2400 2615 2615 2615 2450
Curb Weight (kg) 4185 5666 6500 7200 8500
Drive Form Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter
Drum rotate 270º 270º 270º 270º 290º
Drum mixing speed (r/min) 13 13 13 13 17
Chassis Max.Speed (kn/h) 30 30 30º 35 35
Maximum grade 30º 30º 30 30º 30º
Maximum turning radius (mm) 4700 5270 5300 4000 4000
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 280 280 380 330 330

Cleaning Methods of Self Loader Truck for Sale

1. Before loading material, the feeding hopper is washed by water and is kept wet when feeding.

2. Remember to let the waste water off before loading.

3. Before finishing work, clear concrete mixing drum, feeding inlet and discharging outlet. Besides, Guarantee that there are no cement and bond concrete left.

4. During loading process,  enough water injects into the water tank.

5. After loading concrete mixture, washing the feeding inlet to ensure left concrete around inlet.

6. After discharging on the construction spots, washing discharging outlet, then injecting 30-40 L water into water tank to ensure mixer drum normal rotating when returning.

Working Video

Maintenance Tips of Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

1. Universal rotation parts are easier to break down. Therefore, it is necessary to inject into lubricating oil on time, check wear patterns and maintain timely. The self loading mobile concrete mixers should equip spare cardan shafts, which can get it right in several minutes once it is out of work.

2. Ensure clean of hydraulic oil. Because the working environment of self mixing cement truck is unpredictable, prevent waste water from entering into hydraulic system. In addition, hydraulic oil should be changed regularly according to user’s guide. Once detecting there is water or sand in hydraulic oil, switch off immediately and change hydraulic oil.

3. Guarantee efficient cooling device. Clean hydraulic oil radiator regularly and avoid blocking by cement. Check whether the fan of radiator runs normally or not to prevent the oil temperate out of limits.

Reliable Self Loading Mixer Truck Manufacturer – Aimix Group

Aimix Group is a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer in this field which has invented this kind of selfloading mixer earlier. After put into market, our products have caught customers’ eyes at home and abroad quickly. We optimizes our manufacturing technology to pursuit to be best one. We got certificate of ISO9001:2000 in 2001 ;  our products were granted “Henan famous brand” in 2007; we got CE certificate in 2013; since 2013, Aimix have been a verified supplier by BV and Alibaba. So we are trying our best to offer the most considerate service and competitive price to clients. Welcome to contact us!

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